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T H E   G I R L
Daydreamer, hunter and collector, Jenny Wik - interior designer/stylist based in Växjö, Sweden.
Working for a high-end, Swedish and international designer brand, I also have my own design and photo projects on the side, like this blog - here I can come after work and continue feeding myself and others with inspiration. Here I want to share my interest for design and all those other things that give me joy in life, and of course my daily work in the studio.

T H E   B L O G
Northfolk – [nôrth-fəʊk ] or [Nåårr-fålk] in daily swenglish speech.
Northfolk is an interior and lifestyle blog from Sweden that wants to share a mix of clean and good design, scandinavian simplicity and interesting people.
Northfolk, what does it mean? Many things and probably nothing. We share a deep interest for simple and sustainable design and many of us think it´s important to be close with nature. We make sure to take care of the daily light during the long winters.  Life is so much easier when we keep it simple, it has too many things already that make it complicated. So why not work for an organized, light and easy living. Hopefully you feel the same and start to follow us.

Maybe you have something to tell, perhaps you are a good writer or have the talent to catch the moment with your camera – if yes, you might want to share your work here at Northfolk. Don´t hesitate to send and email. Let's grow together.

And to the end, sharing is caring so feel free to share my original photos and writing. However, please provide a credit and a link back to this blog. I do my best to give credit to images I repoduce. If you see an image that is incorrectly sourced or you´d prefer to have removed, please contact me.

Best regards Jenny


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